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Queer Body Politic is a web-based project curated by Aaron Pollard and produced by Studio 303 in 2020, through its Curator-in-residence program.

Initially conceived as an evening of performance embodying generational memory through the lens of queer history, this project now offers commissioned video-performances, interviews, and an essay. Enjoy!

“Queer Body Politic offers up a grouping of new video-performances by a small cross-section of queer-identified Montreal artists along with interviews that I conducted with the help of Abi Stushnoff. The video-performances are by 2Fik, Karen Fennell, Winnie Ho, Phoenix Inana and Justin de Luna. The interviews are organised into thematic capsules, each covering a particular question related to the queer body politic, and include archival video excerpts collected from Studio 303’s thirty-year history of presenting queer performance. The interview subjects are 2Fik, Alex Tigchelaar, Alexis O’Hara, Andrew Tay and Justin de Luna”... - Aaron Pollard