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May 7, 2021 to May 30, 2021

Hereafter challenges artists and audiences to envision collectivity as the keystone of an empathetic future. This piece, featuring art from 52 undergraduate and graduate students from Concordia University’s Fine Arts departments, takes upon itself the shared work of (re)imagining this future, and considers ideas of community, performance, longing, representation, relationships, purpose, and possibility.

This piece, which includes photography, video, stop motion animation, computation arts, performance, dance, text, and art objects, seeks to create relationships between different artists’ work and find new meanings within them. These artworks are juxtaposed, overlayed, and paired, offering viewers the opportunity to understand Hereafter as a collective piece with parts that move in tandem.

From May 7 to 30, 2021

Every day from dusk to 9:30 pm
Walls outside Saint-Laurent metro station



Alex Apostolidis, My 20th Birthday Now That I’m Less Sad, Still Not Happy (The Alex Apostolidis Show)
Alex Dozois, Stillness Study
Ali Ghaedi, A Dream
Ali Rodriguez-Beaudoin, Ataúlfo
Alice Cloutier-Lachance, Interlude
Alice Zerini-Le Reste, Seule et le territoire
Alicia Turgeon, Let’s take a walk
Ana Maria Marcu, Povestea Ie (Story of the Ie)
Anna Can, slow dancing with grief
Anna Iunes, es-bar-ro
Antoine Giroux, I wish you could look through me
Atima Ng, Stripes
Camille Emmanuelle Legault, je suis un chantier abandonné
Charlie Doyon, Untitled; Untitled (2)
Charlotte Lehoux, S'il-te-plait donne-moi ton code postal
Charlotte Little, The Last Summer I’ll Remember (selected pages)
Charlotte Rainville, Overstayed My Welcome
Claudia Goulet-Blais, Adaptors
Eliott Lopianowski, LIGHT&SHADOW
Em Laferrière, Liquid Dreams
Florence Pin, Fleurs d'Août; Until We Bloom Again
Gem Chang-Kue, Trace; Margins
Gazelle Bastan, We-Change
Hugh Durnford-Dionne, Looking for Appreciation
Ibrahim Mahmoud, The House is Burning
Isabelle Mae-Yen Bredt, How I exist
Lea Taillefer, Artist Statement™
Lena Rye, Little Days
Louis-Philippe Savard, J'aimerais que cet endroit soit une galerie d'art
Madeleine Atkinson and Forrest Russell, Manual Selection/Automated Choreography
Maggie McCutcheon, This Is Your Name
Marianne Rouche, Éloge de la lenteur; Form and Motion II (excerpt)
Marie-Andree Macameau, Homesick
Marie-Chloé Duval, Travel Photographies, Indonesia
Marie-Soleil St-Yves, My Morning Routine (Vintage Edition)
Melannie Jonas, Marina’s Marine
Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky, I'm Sick of Talking on the Phone
Nadia Mariyan Smith, To See the Earth Before the End of the World
Nelly Reviron, Grittiness Inside Out
Noémie Sylvestre, La conduite de la forme
Odile Marion-Jetten, Je tourne en rond.
OK Pedersen, Plans for the 50th Gate
Quang Hai, to:the moon
Rhys Buhl, Owen (1999-2000)
Thomas Vaillancourt, Raw Textures at Saint-Laurent Station 03/19/21 11:00AM
Tiana Atherton, Home Makeover Quilt
Tristan Lajarrige, Countdown
Tyra Maria Trono, A Place of Gathering
Viki Bristowe, body as site of trauma
William Daviau, Let me become what I've dreamed of
William Normand-Robichaud, Virae

Video editing: Isabelle Mae-Yen Bredt

Project organised by: Concordia Photography Collective

Head Coordinator: Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky

Special thanks:

Michael Eidelson
Yael Ezerzer
Karolina Roman
The Concordia Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA)

The Concordia Photography Collective seeks to create opportunities for students to share their image-based work and to foster a community of image-based artists and photography enthusiasts. The CPC aims to provide a creative space for all Concordia University undergraduate students engaged in photo-based art to share their skills, ideas, and artwork, encouraging opportunities for exhibitions, publications, events, and workshops.