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August 12, 2020 | 18 H

As part of Montréal Pride

Festival Fierté MTL Book

With well over two decades worth of professional DJ performance experience, Jack Chang is not just recognized just as an international DJ, but a DJ with a reputation of truly global class having performed in 25 countries, and across over 60 cities around the world, having reached both the very Western-most edge of the world map with performances for American circuit events in Honolulu, Hawaii, and in the East, as far as Sydney, AustraliaWith one foot in the fetish dance scene, and the other in the mainstream gay circuit, Jack’s unique position in the market continues, even now, to amplify the successes of his career across both sides of the gay party universe. Trained in classical music (Piano, Violin, Classical Music Theory) for 11 years, his ongoing success has not just been held in high regard by the general public simply from great performances, but from his versatility, not just as a DJ, but also as Remixer, and Producer / Recording Artist, having remixed projects so far, for five independent dance music labels based in Europe, North and South America, and is fast becoming as well-known for his studio work, as his live performances at events and nightsclubs around the world.