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April 26, 2020 to December 31, 2020

Hugues Charbonneau Art Gallery Book

One Exhibition, Several Activations

Taking a great interest in issues pertaining to the artwork’s reception in the digital era, Jean-Benoit Pouliot is proposing a new body of work in which he digitizes various abstract paintings by applying a series of gestures and manipulations to create visual distortions. The title Déplacements (Displacements) refers to the gestures the artist carries out while he is digitizing the works – such as rotate and move, to name but these examples. In this case, it is not the painting itself that is made visible, but rather the mediatisation process the artist subjects it to. The result produces slippages, torsions, glitches and a pixelization of the pictorial material.

For several years, Jean-Benoit has also been exploring new, more performance-oriented avenues that have allowed him to extend his reflections about the mediatisation of works into physical space. The exhibition hence also comprises the activation of a series of close to two hundred paintings. Though these paintings are visible only as slices in their gallery mounted state, the artist carries out a number of actions at night that enables them to come to life. Since these activations take place while the gallery is closed to the public, they are documented and made available exclusively on social media. Pouliot approaches this performance section in resonance with the two main themes: “the painting in space” and “the painting and the body.” Guided by a desire to constantly alter the physical limits of the work, these activations make it possible for the artist, to once again, go beyond painting itself.