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Nate Yaffe

Here, we are all misfits: in our element, yet out of place, adrift amidst the bouncy waves. Don’t be swallowed by the sea of possibilities! We must come together to imagine the city of our dreams. As we hurl our amazing (strange!) bodies and shapes into new rhythms, we find a groove together. Smashing and dancing and pouncing with feeling, through our Will and our Power we’ll carve out a niche for the Earthlings.

Created for and with children from 7 to 10 years of age, this choreographic trio features surprising and fantastic costumes that transform the performers’ physique in a playful exploration of the geometry of human bodies. At the heart of this work lie the conformist social pressures affecting children’s body image. A preshow movement workshop offered to audience members is integral to this performance experience, one that focuses on body diversity and positivity, and that builds a sense of community between dancers and participants.

Quartier des spectacles Montreal, Quebec