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Brunch Rétro | Jardins Gamelin

Brunch Rétro | Jardins Gamelin

Information on the activity

May 19, 2018 to September 29, 2018

To the sound of a musical selection covering the 50s to 80s and containing kitsch treasures, your brunches will no longer have the same flavor. The morning culminates with a duel of DJ!

Saturdays from 11A.M. to 15P.M.

July 14 : 100% Franco with DJ Mathieu Beauséjour

July 21 : L'Angleterre versus les USA with DJ Parka Pat

July 28 : Drive-in 50's with DJ Mathieu Beauséjour

August 4 : Franco Fun with DJ Parka Pat

August 11 : Soul 60's with DJ Mathieu Beauséjour

August 18 : Les 1001 danses des années 60 with DJ Parka Pat

August 25 : Old school rap with le Mathieu Beauséjour

September 1 : MODtreal with DJ Parka Pat

September 8 : Funky Town with DJ Mathieu Beauséjour

September 15: L'Amour avec un grand A with DJ Parka Pat

September 22 : Glam rock with DJ Mathieu Beauséjour

September 29 : Ce que vous auriez pu entendre à Expo 67 with DJ Parka Pat

About the DJ's

DJ Mathieu Beauséjour

One of the city’s most popular rock DJs, Mathieu Beauséjour, exploded onto the scene via CISM radio. After hosting “Les Éboueurs du rock” (the rock garbagemen) from 1998 to 2002, he moved on to the late, lamented Roy Bar in 2003 before thrilling the crowd at Saphire, L’Esco, Rockette Bar – and just about every rock bar and club in town!

DJ Parka Pat

This versatile DJ only spins 45s, like they did in the golden age of soul. A self-described vinyl addict, he’s appeared all over North America and started several musical evenings and events. He’ll get the crowd dancing with genres ranging from funk to rock. / A smorgasbord of sound, on a single medium – the 45

For the last 30 minutes of his performance, Dj Parka Pat will do a set with DJ Napoléon 67!