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January 18, 2020 to February 28, 2020


Free !

Chanda & The Passengers began in 2016 with a craigslist post seeking seriously funky musicians. That craigslist ad worked in a big way, and 7 very talented and seasoned musicians came together to create the Chanda & The Passengers sound. The band has progressed quickly, writing many original compositions, recording a 2-track EP, and playing regular shows in and around Montreal, QC. Chanda Holmes (vocals), from Montreal, brings her jazz-tinged, heavily soulful voice that drives the band in the R&B/soul direction, and lights up audiences with her energetic stage presence. Pierre Emond (tenor sax), grew up in various countries around the world and brings decades of experience touring Europe and writing funk/soul music. Carlos Casique (keys), immigrated to Canada from Venezuela to pursue a career in music, and his compositions include flares of latin jazz and salsa grooves. Zander Masser (guitar), from New York and Colorado, brings 15 years of writing and performing funk music with over 10 working bands in the US. Laurent Massie (bass), from Montreal, a highly active member of the Montreal music scene, brings a natural brilliance to his grooves that lays the foundation of the bands performances. Gonzalo Camelo (trumpet), originally from Bogota, Colombia, brings a classic latin brass sound and decades of experience as a touring musician. Romain Peynichu (drums), from Paris, France, is an excellent pocket drummer with a jazz and pop background.

The band performs on regular basis in and around Montreal, and is currently working on recording a full-length album. We love the music, we love the funk, and we love each other. Don't miss our electric live show!