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December 16, 2017 | 16 H

Projet Pangée

Free !

Eros is a 2 hour performance event exploring the theme of desire and showcasing artists from Montreal, Toronto, Texas and Chicago.

Inspired by the history of the Cabaret Voltaire, and contemporary performance evenings such as NYC’s Incarnata Social Club, this simple informal event aims to provide accessibility to a variety of performance aesthetics while bringing together international and local artists in an environment of open exploration. Through a combination of visual projections, drag, spoken word, ritualistic gestures and song, EROS investigates various manifestations of desire and how they relate to identity and personal politics. EROS seeks to examine how desire can alternately be used as a weapon, a life preserver, and as fuel for resistance in times of political threat.

Eros is a touring event that will take place in Toronto, Montreal and Chicago. It combines works by international and local artists such as Aram Atamian (Yerevan), Stephanie Creagan (Montreal), Catie Rutledge (Chicago), Marie Ségolène (Montreal), Santiago Tamayo Soler (Montreal), Holly Timpener (Toronto) and Vicente Ugartechea (Texas).

Artists: Aram Atamian, Stephanie Creagan, Catie Rutledge, Marie Segolene, Santiago Tamayo Soler, Holly Timpener and Vicente Ugartechea