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December 5, 2017 to December 21, 2017

During this immersive film, presented at the Society for Arts and Technology, you will plunge inside tim’s inner world (by accompanying him along his existential quest) and fall at the same time with him through his universe’s dreamlike scenery. It’s a suspended moment, in the middle of the void, that will little by little dissolve his vertigo...

A man tries to free himself from the domination of time passing, to take back control over his life…. He’s tim, written with a lowercase "t" because he prefers to go around unnoticed and because, according to him, "capital letters are imposing". Imposing, like a locomotive rushing at full speed, as unstoppable as the passage of time. Time passing by inexorably, promising to bury everything that exists into the breathtaking abysses of oblivion.

*18 and +