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November 10, 2017 | 15 H 45

As part of RIDM

In the fishing town of Myre on Norway’s Northern coast, cod season starts with children as young as six years old working on the region’s delicacy: cod tongues. It’s a strange sight for foreigners but for locals, part of growing up is wielding large knives and spearing huge fish heads onto razor sharp nails. These confident youth earn pocket money as they prepare for the world cod tongue cutting competition. Ylva, 9, travels from Oslo to follow in the family tradition for the first time, and Tobias, at just 10 years old, is already an expert and Ylva’s mentor. This is a kid’s world, where friendships bloom, leading to mutual lessons in courage, economy, and family roots. Their bond is surprisingly complex and emotionally rich as they learn to take responsibility and care for each other. (SM)