Information on the activity

November 22, 2017 to November 25, 2017

A piece readily adaptable in form to the space where it is presented, “Trois“ is a mosaic of “7 short dances” where playful combinations performed by the three dancers reinvigorate with each performance the spectator’s dance experience.

Last winter the Agora de la danse presented outdoor performances of the new work by Paul-André Fortier, “15 X LA NUIT“, in the heart of the entertainment district. The choreographer is currently presenting this highly original piece in two separate formats. This new work will close our autumn season with four unique performances.

In an effort to reach out to new audiences, Paul-André Fortier will perform a stripped-down version of “Trois“ at outdoor locations. Each one will be an opportunity to experiment with three of these short pieces in unexpected, offbeat locales, sites that alter the spectator’s perception of dance.

Company: Fortier Danse-Création
Choreography: Paul-André Fortier
Performance: Karina Champoux, Mark Medrano, and Naishi Wang