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January 11, 2020 to February 29, 2020


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Eastern European, Balkan festive music band formed in Montreal by musicians from all around the world.

With nearly a hundred shows to his credit, Balkan Kafana covers a repertoire of folk and traditional songs from Eastern European countries. The instrumentation is modern, the rhythms catchy and the original arrangements. It's the mix of influences and stylistics that create a Balkan Kafana sound. At the sound of the contrasting dances and rhythms of the Balkans, in concert, the evenings are fiery and energetic. Both keyboards define the melodic texture with surprising harmonic paths. Everything is there: the particularity of the ranges, the foreign modes and without forgetting the many "frills". With vast improvisational beaches with exotic atmospheres, enjoy the pure sound of instruments, enter the imagination of soloists to the varied repertoire of songs in a musical continuity with rich colors. Balkan Kafana was founded in 2011 by keyboardists Vytautas Bucionis Jr., Borislav Stanev, and guitarist Horia Vlad Guzu. In winter 2012 violinist Gabriel Vasiliu joined the group, followed in 2013 by trumpeter Camille Gendreau and in 2015, drummer Jordan Markov (Gypsy Sun). Balkan Kafana was first formed by Borislav Stanev, Vytautas Bucionis Jr. and Horia Vlad Guzu. Gabriel Vasiliu joined the band in the spring of 2013 by Camille Gendreau and the drummer Yordan Markov.

Balkan kafana means Balkan pub.