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August 12, 2017 to August 19, 2017

“These days, the village is at the tips of our fingers. Village 2.0 is everywhere, all the time, and the world is smaller than ever. However the ease of interaction brings with its share of loneliness. We expose ourselves without really seeing one another or speaking to each other, without really listening to one another. We caress one another without actually touching.”

This erotic dramedy, presented in French, is an incursion into the life of Samuel, on the dawn of his thirties, a free electron lost in a universe of tangled love, sex, friendship and family. Always attracted to older men, he falls for Mike who he loves with all his heart but of whom he knows practically nothing. His neighbour and confident Thomas helps him navigate the troubled waters that separate friends from lovers, but to the peril of his friendship with Samuel, not to mention his own relationship.

Neither critic nor cynic, Denis-Martin Chabot brings his work to the stage for the first time. This piece, both profane and probing, explores love in the age of millennials.