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RAHIM - Kristen Cere, Montreal, World premiere
Kristen Cere, Montreal choreographer coming out of the École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec, has danced pieces by the greatest choreographers, such as Jiri Kylian or Ohad Naharin. In RAHIM, presented in its world premiere at the FQD, Kristen Cere pulls us toward a path of compassion and love, highlighting the intrinsic beauty of the differences in our cultures and beliefs.
“As we become more conscious, there will be more compassion and love. Then, these borders that isolate people, religions and nations will dissipate. Yes, we must destroy these walls that separate us.”
- Ram Dass

Solo, Spirituality, Identity, Fraternity, Vulnerability, Mid-career

Performers Kristen Cere
Lighting Francois Chirpaz
Choreographer Kristen Cere
Special thanks to L.a.t Studios NDG, College Sainte-Anne de Lachine

SEEK - Maya Orchin, New York, United-States, 2014, 2016, World premiere
Trying to find stability and comfort in different mental states that can be physicalized. While mixing the roles of gender and power, warping the body and mind into a newly discovered self. How does one stay true to their newfound discoveries while trying to exist with others? With an original musical score by Swiss Lebanese composer Delany Stockli, the work delves into an exciting and highly physical world.

Performers Maya Orchin, Rebecca Margolick, Meghan Frederick, Shawn Brush, Quinn Dixon
Liz Beres
Choreographer Maya Orchin
Music Delaney Stockli
Sound mixing Vitor Hirtsch

Absorbed in silence - Victoria May, Montreal, 2015, 2016, World premiere
Victoria May danced at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Gothenburg Ballet and the Danish Dance Theatre, she has worked with Louise Bédard Danse, Système D/Dominique Porte, Thea Patterson, Peter Trosztmer, and Danse-Cité. In this new piece, she questions herself on the limitations of sexual identity and the man/woman characterization. Through duos, she shows us the explosive capacity of the human being to transform and change gender. Inspired by the resemblance between Tilda Swinton and David Bowie, this piece pulls us into an androgynous and hybrid universe.
Quintet, Gender, Identity, Society, Contemporary dance

Performers Eve Garnier, Louis-Martin Charest, Erin Flynn, Genevieve Bolla, Julie Tymchuk
Choreographer Victoria May
Music Olivier Girouard
Costumes Victoria May and Thierry Huard
Lighting Rasmus Sylvest
In collaboration with Danse à la carte et la Fondrie Darling

Quartier des spectacles Montreal, Quebec