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May 20, 2014 | 20 H

Tall Sigh (Toronto)
Tall Sigh is a new duo made of a Meredith Cheesbrough and a Nicole Elsasser. They are close friends with very different brains. This makes for a breed of comedy that is both honest and absurd; clever and a bit rude. The two met while doing The Second City Conservatory program in Toronto and have been performing both together and apart for some years. These days they are actors, improvisers, and writers currently residing three minutes away from each other in Toronto’s west end.

Neither believe in natural beauty and both are ssssnakes.

Ghost Town Comedy (Montreal)
Featuring some of the finest improvisors in the city, Ghost Town Comedy is a new bi-monthly sketch show debuting this summer at Montreal Improv Theatre. You: But…. Us: Shut up, come see our show. You: Okay, I will! Us: OK great. We love you.

Chocolate Feelings (Montreal)
Part Egyptian. Part Russian. Part Quebecistanian. Chocolate feelings is absurd Montreal sketch-comedy at its finest.

Famed for creating childhood games like “Have a seat” (Literally all it is is throwing party guests back into their chair any time they try to stand up), these guys delight in the ridiculous and the destructive. Chocolate Feelings loves to involve the audience and challenge them to laugh at the tragi-comedy of the 9 to 5 grind. They will make you feel things.

Marty Topps (Toronto)
Marty Topps is a Toronto comedian who recently hung up his long running comedy/rave
(“Marty Topps’ House Party show!”) to focus on his two true passions: catchy music and fancy
fashion! In late 2013 Marty released his debut album, “A Loving Tribute to TapouT” to wide
acclaim from the Toronto comedy community. The album was ranked the #2 Comedy Music
Album of 2013 by BiteTV (beating The Lonely Island’s “The Wack Album”).
Marty’s live show is a high energy, eclectic mix of catchy synth-pop and huge, non-stop laughs.
Marty was chosen by Toronto legends The Sketchersons as their Best Musical Guest of 2013 and he recently won an audience award for Best Musical Sketch at the 2014 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.
Why does he do this? Does he actually love TapouT? How sick are his keytar licks? These are
questions that can only be answered by seeing Marty Topps live in person.

Genius Gold and the TSC HOUSE TEAM (St-Henri)
Genius Gold: An avant-garde sketch troupe consisting of Alain Mercieca and Keith Waterfield. Fast-paced, somewhat improvised, and with the goal of touching on every joke that has ever been told. Genius Gold.

Ladies and Gentlemen (Montreal)
Daniel Carin & Chris Sandiford.
Born in the floating city of New Montreal.
Hosts of The Ladies & Gentlemen Comedy Show in NDG every tuesday.
Have performed improv, sketch & stand up for a few years in TWO different countries.
They hope you like their show.