Dans ma cour...ç'a du chien !

August 21th to september 29th 2019

« Dans ma cour... ç'a du chien ! » on Sainte-Catherine street in the Quartier des Spectacles

A original installation for a relaxing break

August 21th to september 12th 2019

The fun and original installation Dans ma cour… ç’a du chien ! invite you to relax and enjoy the fine weather in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles on Sainte-Catherine Street. Composed by slightly kitschy little scenes inspired by Montreal backyards. They’re inhabited by colourful, silly, adorable dogs that are sure to make you smile!

Credits :

A conception of Mélanie Crespin
A production of Quartier des Spectacles Partnership.

Dans ma cour... ç'a du chien ! was first presented from May 3 to 29, 2019.


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Mélanie Crespin

Biography of the conceptor

Mélanie Crespin is an interdisciplinary artist and designer specializing in exhibition design. Through an approach infused with metaphor and lyricism, she makes each spatial gesture embody intriguing ideas. The resulting works are immersive and emotionally rich, inspiring visitors to reflect on what they are seeing and experiencing.


Spring Is Coming to the Quartier des spectacles !


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