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16 août 2017 au 15 novembre 2017


Gratuit !

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In an age of punkgrungemetal pounding, it is pleasant to listen to classic jazz standards that have been covered by everybody famous in the jazz pantheon. The Mary Ann Lacey Trio, whose repertory ranges from Irving Berlin to Miles Davis, is a contemporary group that does just that.

Lacey has been accompanied by many well known pianists around town such as Félix Stüssi and Chad Linsley, often at Westmount’s summer concerts in the park. Frequent accompanist in pubs and cafes Paul Serralheiro on guitar seems to effortlessly match her smooth, pitch perfect style.

Other classics in her repertoire include “Body and Soul”(1930), “Pennies From Heaven”(1936) and “Nature Boy” (1947). Besides increasingly writing her own songs, she trills some in Spanish or German. I love her (partly) Yiddish rendition of “Bei Mir Bist Du Schein.”

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