Parcours Numérique

An electrifying urban visual experience in the Quartier des spectacles.

The facades of eight major locations of the Quartier des Spectacles will become the backdrop for architectural video projections. As part of the International Digital Arts Biennial, this project is presented by the Quartier des Spectacles in collaboration with Mutek and Elektra.

Les emplacements du Parcours Numérique


  1. Place Émilie-Gamelin
  2. Facade of the Grande Bibliothèque of BAnQ
  3. Facade of the Centre de Design de l’UQAM
  4. Place de la Paix
  5. Facade of UQAM’S President-Kennedy Pavilion
  6. Abords du métro St-Laurent
  7. Coin Bleury/Ste-Catherine
  8. Vitrine Place-des-arts

Proposed itinerary:

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The Grande Bibliotheque of BanQ

Photo credit: Martine Doyon

The multidisciplinary artist, audiocinetic sculptor, and MUTEK and ELEKTRA festival staple, Herman Kolgen is renowned worldwide for his digital art creations. He will present MINDWIND, inspired by the tree of knowledge. This mapping putting in relation the evolution of the natural realm and the structure of thought, it adapts to his environment by reacting instantly to the ambient sounds of the city.

By Means of a Sigh


Vitrine Place-des-arts

Photo credit: Martine Doyon

Multidisciplinary artists Jean Dubois and Chloé Lefebvre meld poetic imagery with cutting edge technology in their interactive video installation By Means of a Sigh. Using wireless telephony and real-time multimedia response, the project encourages viewers to take the reins of a large-format video projected in a public space: two faces in profile, each blowing a bubble of gum and letting it collapse.



Métro St-Laurent

Photo credit: Martine Doyon

Vincent Morisset’s BLA BLA, produced by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), is an interactive tale that explores the fundamental principles of human communication. Regarded as a pioneer of interactive music videos, Morisset creates a narrative experience that truly comes together with the spectator’s involvement. By making the latter such an integral participant, he becomes a partner of sorts to the main character. Visit Bla Bla on the web.



Centre de Design de l’UQAM

Photo credit: Martine Doyon

Istanbul-based artist Refik Anadol is interested in the relationship between architecture and media technologies. His site-specific audio-visual performances showcase the awe-inspiring possibilities of 3D projection mapping on a parametric design structure. His latest, Epiphaneia, explores those eureka moments when one suddenly grasps the bigger picture – in this case, how to transpose the virtual world in a designated physical space.



Facade of UQAM’S President-Kennedy Pavilion

Photo credit: Martine Doyon

21 Obstacles is a video game activated by passers-by and the 21 Swings on the Promenade des artistes. Inspired by the legendary Pinball machines, the swing’s movement will direct the 21 obstacles, drawing different trajectories, engaging in fantastical and imaginary journeys. To play, follow the instructions on the screen or text GO to 514-400-1156.



Place de la Paix

Photo credit: Martine Doyon

Jean-Sébastien Baillat and Guillaume Cardel’s hypnotic, stroboscopic visuals have shaped the aesthetics of Montreal nightlife for the past 10 years. Once more, they combine their talents with Daniel Iregui, interactive designer and found of Iregular. Their typographic urban installation THINGS/CHOSES, in collaboration with Festival Chromatic, deconstructs and reconstructs the meaning of everyday objects in playful and poetic ways. The result is a collective interactive experience wherein things can both lose their meaning or find new ones. THINGS/CHOSES is an interactive installation with two different parts THINGS (SMS) and CHOSES (smart phone).



Corner Bleury/St-Catherine

Photo credit: Martine Doyon

Over the past decade, Yan Breuleux has collaborated with a broad range of composers to create immersive, panoramic multi-screen pieces. For this digital trail, he’ll present Tempêtes, a series of animated 3D tableaux associated with quotes by artists and philosophers. The public’s responses will be immediately integrated to this interactive project, allowing for real-time reflection about climate change.

Projet [ O - I - I ]

Création Ex Nihilo 

Place Émilie-Gamelin

With combined experience in new media extending back more than 20 years, Guillaume Bourassa and Sébastien Gravel are a creative multimedia duo working in electronic music, video mapping and interactive media programming. Projet [ O -1 - 1], realized in collaboration with Toronto artist Justin Tripp, explores the architecture of Montreal buildings by using the building itself in concert with minimalist structural animation and movement, creating a new urban construct accompanied by a unique soundtrack.

Join us in a truly electrifying experience at the Parcours numérique in the Quartier des spectacles, daily from Sunset onward May 17 to June 3!

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