Nuage de givre

On Place des Festivals – from December 15th, 2011 to February 2nd, 2012

Nuage de givre - Photo credit: Martine DoyonPhoto credit: Martine Doyon

Nuage de givre consists of 100,000 water droplets in 5,500 special containers hanging over Place des Festivals. By day, depending on the weather, light will refract through the water or glow through the ice. On the ground below, whether snow-covered, clear or icy, reflected light from the gently swaying “icicles” will silently animate the square. After dark, auroras will appear, triggered by the movements of people in the square. Over the course of the winter, the lights compriing Nuage de givre will gradually shift from blue to red, marking the arrival of the New Year with the official colours of Quartier des Spectacles. This large-scale installation will delight anyone who walks through the Quartier’s largest public space.

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Designed by: Jean Beaudoin et Erick Villeneuve.
Produced by: Multimédia Novalux

How to go

That installation is located at the intersection of Ste.Catherine and Jeanne-Mance Street.


To see the other installations

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