Forêt Forêt

Near métro Saint-Laurent – from December 15th 2011 to February 26th 2012

Forêt Forêt - Photo credit: Martine DoyonPhoto credit: Martine Doyon

Forêt Forêt, a terrain inspired from the pioneer qualities of the birch forest, revitalizes the vacant transit area enclosing the Saint-Laurent metro station. Visitors lured into the landscape are invited to speak into the tree hollows; their voices enlivening the luminous trees while their words are echoed through the trees. Forêt Forêt offers a winter promenade in the heart of downtown.

Designed by: Amandine Guillard, Albane Guy, Anik Poirier and TagTeam Studio.
Produced by: Impact Production

How to go

This installation is located at the intersection of St-Laurent Boulevard and Maisonneuve Boulevard.


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  1. Kaydence says:

    Intelligence and siplmcitiy – easy to understand how you think.

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