Festival TransAmériques

Festival TransAmériques

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May 23, 2018 to June 6, 2018

An international event celebrating new works in contemporary dance and theatre, the Festival TransAmériques combines disciplines and artistic trends under cohesive programming. The Festival presents exciting forms of the art of our era, featuring works by choreographers, writers and directors. The only criterion is to present strong work, regardless of theme or place of origin.

A vehicle for dialogue between cultures and generations, the Festival TransAmériques showcases major artists as well as artists whose emerging voices rise above the fray, influential and audacious. It supports these exemplary artistic approaches through co-productions.

The Festival is a place to meet, a major get-together. It encourages exchange between artists and audience. Workshops, debates and round table discussions that echo and expand on the performances give rise to discussion and questioning.

Multilingual, hybrid, festive, the Festival TransAmériques reflects the rhythm and image of its home base – Montreal. In an age where impurity, cultural and artistic mixing and the free flow of ideas are characteristic of the performing arts, the Festival TransAmériques invites and accompanies artists and spectators to explore these intriguing mutations and myriad encounters.