Éclats de verre

Place Émilie-Gamelin – from December 15th to February 26, 2012

Éclats de verre sur la place Émilie-Gamelin. Crédit photo: Martine DoyonPhoto credit: Martine Doyon

A giant stained-glass window is deconstructed into a series of coloured panels arranged on Place Émilie-Gamelin. At night, light sources within the installation dynamically animate the multicoloured glass labyrinth, while an interactive video projection illuminates Hôtel des Gouverneurs. Using two spring-mounted cubes, visitors can transform the surrounding space by adjusting the video images and the square’s lighting and soundscape.

Designed by: ATOMIC3.ca – Félix Dagenais, Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun and Éric Gautron
Produced by: Michel Granger

How to go

That installation is located at the intersection of Ste-Catherine and Berri Street.

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