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November 10, 2017 to November 18, 2017

As part of RIDM

Five years after the shock of Leviathan (RIDM 2012), Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor have made a film that could stir up even more controversy. In the cramped quarters of Issei Sagawa’s tiny apartment, the filmmakers interview their subject in extreme close-up. The partly paralysed, semi-conscious, laconic Sagawa talks about his passion for Disney, Renoir, stuffed animals – and cannibalism. Infamous for having killed and eaten a classmate in France in 1981, Sagawa has since achieved a kind of celebrity, cashing in on his notoriety by writing a manga and porn movies. Neither celebrating nor denying the inherent sensationalism of its subject, Caniba is an unprecedented exploration of the darkest corners of the human psyche.

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