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August 3, 2017 to December 7, 2017


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Jonathan Wood Vincent is a composer, pianist, accordionist, improviser, singer, and poet. He creates sprawling songs, piano improvisations, miniature epic story-pieces and chamber music, and is the founding member of Eye-Me-Or™ Therapeutics. He currently plays in Stupid Wisdom along with dancer Zack Fuller and violinist and composer Katt Hernandez. He has recorded, toured throughout Europe and the U.S. with post-Torah folk rockers Girls in Trouble, alt country singer songwriter Eileen Rose, Master Lee of Chink Floyd, a multilingual stripper rap band called Un Cuerpo Exquisito, with percussionist and gong orchestrator Tatsuya Nakatani, inventor/microtonalist Adam James Wilson, in addition to countless others. He runs a performance series called Papacookie in his living room and throughout New York. His works have been commissioned by Anti- Social Music and the Seattle Percussion Collective. He has recordings on Emanem, Sony, Kimchee, J-Dub, Stone Quarry, Generate Records, etc.

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