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December 6, 2017 to December 16, 2017

As part of Danse Danse

Cinquième salle - Place des Arts Book

Clara Furey’s most recent work delivers a complex sensory experience. From the opening confusion that blurs the boundaries between dance and music, a subtle piece emerges. Set your receivers on “high”.

Known for her rich and unconventional practice, Clara Furey the choreographer never fails to astonish with her unexpected approach. In her first full-length group work, she draws the audience into a sombre and intimate world that questions the radiance of bodies. Together with composer Tomas Furey and a quartet of performers, she animates the philosophical concept of darkness. “Darkness pulls everything in. The shapes, the fires, animals, myself, how easily it gathers us”, wrote RainerMaria Rilke. Enlisting that notion, Clara Furey constructs a choreographic work about the resonance of the senses. Bodies poised between tension and harmony, an interplay of contrasts, Cosmic Love is multiple, savage and tender.

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