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November 14, 2017 | 20 H

As part of Danse Danse

Dancers of Damelahamid is an Indigenous dance company based in British Columbia. For several decades, the company has taken a present-day approach to traditional repertoire, developing a contemporary choreographic practice that honours its First Nations roots and preserves this sung and danced heritage for future generations. Flicker invites the audience to discover the Indigenous dance of Dancers of Damelahamid. Offering a contemporary take on traditional forms and designs, Flicker is an odyssey in movement.

Flicker (as in “woodpecker”) is a multimedia dance work by Margaret Grenier. A young man sets out on an inner journey. As the audience follows him over mountain and through forest, we encounter wandering souls, dancers, and mythical characters. The combination of design and choreography gives the stage a life-size feel. Flicker is a link between First Nations traditions and more current forms. An ancestral gift that resonates in our collective memory.

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