2-22 building: Taking the next step forward

The financing for the keystone project of the Quartier des spectacles is now complete. $7.5 million will come from the government of Quebec and the City of Montreal and $9 million from the private sector, bringing the total cost of 2-22 to $16.5 million.

Construction will begin in May 2009 and finish a year later, in May 2010.

Located at the intersection of the Mains, this project from Société de développement Angus (SDA) will house mostly cultural organizations, such as La Vitrine and Librairie-Bistro Olivieri. The building will feature a bar/garden on the roof, along with spaces for cultural creation, promotion, exhibition and broadcasting. Cultural happenings will be projected continuously from screens integrated into the building’s facades, making it a starting point from which to discover the artistic side of Montreal. What’s more, multidisciplinary artist Jana Sterback
has been invited to create a permanent work for the site.

The SDA has called on the Quebec firm AEdifica to design the building, in collaboration with French architect Paul Andreu and fellow Quebec architect Gilles Huot. The design will aim for LEED Gold, Go Green Plus and ICI ON RECYCLE ! certifications.

2-22 logo

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